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The Endless Summer

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

A perfect romance between a girl and inner peace.

A Series of Short Stories_ Part One

The Girl.

Standing with her face toward the water The Girl takes the index and middle finger of her right hand and twists her hair about in a soothing rhythm. Her eyes focused on the tiny rain drops that gently tap the surface of the lake. Strands of wisdom now replace the auburn streaks that once framed her face during the time she spent smitten with The Endless Summer. The time when she was young, without a care, without responsibility nor with scars from life's broken promises . A time when The Girl would fall asleep sunbathing on the dock with just a thin beach towel under her, and invitation for the sun to reach it's radiant arm down to stroke her hair. It was almost as though the sun painted them for her to twirl between her fingers during summer's slow mornings. Now The Girl is grown, and twirling her silver strands while remembering her day's with The Endless Summer that created for her a memorable inner peace. The Girl remembers sun baths that were chased by the cool touch of the lake water that would evaporate from her sun kissed skin. The Girl remembers being in love with it's simplicity when she invited unrushed drives into town for creamy ice-cream and kept her window’s down as she took to the winding roads, the long way home.

Her then, auburn streaked hair danced in the wind, away from the frame of her face as the aroma of flowers, fresh cut grass, and the dirt road forced her to breath deeper.

The Endless Summer night’s beckoned her to stare upward at the clear sky, painted in a million stars.

And it used it's still, quietness as a backdrop for the locusts and bullfrogs to sing her lullabies.

But now those auburn streaks she twirls between her fingers are stained silver, the suns kiss feels harsh and the cool droplets are unappreciated as she hurry's through the passing day.

The Endless Summer was The Girls first and most perfect romance, designed by Christ to give her a memorable inner peace. Now she stands for a brief moment looking back, wondering how much better it would have been if she had stayed. Sensing her presence it beckons her to return despite The Girl's rebellious heart that stained her auburn streaks silver during a season of unfaithfulness.

Knowing it will take her a life journey to return to her soul's true desire she hesitates to leave behind her affair with the dark, handsome unfamiliarity that had swept her away from The Endless Summer.

Continuing Reading Part II The Imposter

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