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The Living Well offers a year of faith based life coaching. It is a place that will support you as you create and maintain nourishing life giving habits from a deepened relationship with Christ.

Through seasonal programs exclusive to The Living Well you will have the opportunity to create community with fellow mom's who desire to live their healthiest lifestyle in the richness of God's grace. 


Without fail, every sweet soul and mother who I have coached craved Christ.

While they initially came hungry for coaching on weight loss, confidence in their voice, release from perfectionism, help with productivity , more energy or ways to consistently make healthy choices,

Their hunger was actually for Him. 

The Living Well embodies Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. Encouraging Community. God doesn't call us to go alone on our walk with Him, He encourages us to support and encourage another.  

The Living Well is where mom's are valued and accepted so they can encounter Christ more fully. 

The atmosphere is warm and welcomes the spirit of contentment, quiet confidence and simplicity . 

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"Foundations" is a three week self paced foundational program offered during the summer .

Foundations encourages you to adopt a strong foundation for your healthiest Christ-Centered life. 

Being the healthiest you can happens with progression , starting from a solid foundation. 

In 21 day's you will create a foundational practice of nourishing your body with energy giving foods, attune to your body’s unique needs and activate your natural healing potential, while discovering practices that give you a new baseline to support a healthy lifestyle .

You will receive immense value in just three weeks !

One-on-One Accountability and Coaching is available year round.


Experience personal support and accountability through an individualized  90 day faith based journey  that meets you right where you are and walks you hand in hand through the challenges and obstacles that are getting in your way of you experiencing :

  • confidence in your body

  • freedom to rest in the presence of your family

  • feeling accomplished and productive in your personal life

I am committed to each of my mothers and clients.


I celebrate their wins with them, encourage them through the valleys and most importantly hold on to the vision they share with me (of their highest potential) to remind them of it when they fall off track.

I believe in them the whole way!

"Morning Coffee with JESUS" welcomes the opportunity for fellowship in the fall. 

Enjoy fellowship during this faith based group coaching program offered in the fall. "Morning Coffee with JESUS" offers a bible study atmosphere in combination with coaching. This program will guide you through a 5 minute morning practice based on the "Morning Coffee with Jesus" Journal to renew your spirit and allow things to "Fall into Place." 

"ARISE" is a 12 week self paced program offered in the beginning of the NEW YEAR.  Through this self placed program in combination with one-on-one coaching sessions you create a clear roadmap for reaching a place where you are able to enjoy the freedom of  experiencing true productivity deepening your relationships with family, friends and most importantly Christ through "ARISE".

You don't have to choose between getting it all done , taking care of personal needs  or being present with your family.  "You can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you. "

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Join The Living Well through Foundations

Foundations is the First Three Weeks of The Living Well

Designed to encourage foundational practices to support a healthy Christ centered lifestyle. 

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