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Group Faith Based Coaching

"Morning Coffee with Jesus"

Slow down sweet soul.  Find a quiet place to wrap your hands around a hot cup of coffee and come sit among fellow sister's-in-Christ. Each of us are different and so is our relationship with Him. Whether you have a deeply rich relationship with Christ or only desire one, this 5 minute morning practice I will guide you through will completely change your LIFE. That's what God does, after all... .

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"Honestly, I didn't want it to end!!

8 weeks was perfect and my experience was amazing. It left me with wanting more which is wonderful. I felt connected with others and looked forward to every Monday!"

About The Program.

Morning Coffee With Jesus is a  five-minute morning practice to inspire a spirit-driven, faith-focused walk with Jesus  that provides improved productivity, positive body image, more energy and stronger relationships. The program encourages a  daily transformation leaving more room for clarity, hopeful expectation, inexplainable peace, and the joy found in forgiveness.

Imagine sitting in your favorite morning spot with your hands wrapped around your coffee mug. As you raise the mug to your lips to take the first hot sip your eyes meet His and he smiles. There He is, sitting across from you.


What would your conversation be like? Would you immediately praise Him for who He is, your heavenly Father and King of all Kings? Would gratitude pour from your heart? Would you confess to Him what He already knows and is waiting for you to let go of? Would you say nothing at all, simply rest in His presence?


How would this daily interaction and Morning Coffee with Jesus make a difference in your life? 


This 5-minute practice inspires us to exit from the still, quiet moment with Him when the world isn't begging for our attention, and enter back into it, spirit-driven, faith focused.


Grab three or more friends and family and let's go!

Morning Coffee with Jesus includes the following:

​A personal soft cover "Morning Coffee With Jesus" Journal. 

8 -1 hour group coaching calls each week via zoom


2 - 30 minute  private coaching sessions for each member during the 8 week program to help you create space and commitment as well as work passed feeling "stuck" in any of the 8 reflection topics of the group study.


Access to The Living Well Exclusive Facebook Group 

Weekly action steps to deepen your daily walk of faith with built in accountability


​Weekly Email Check In's


​Strategies, tools and support to help you continually move forward.

Morning Coffee With Jesus is an 8 week group coaching program for groups of at least 4.

It requires participants to register with at least four additional individuals and create your own group. When you register there will be a space to share the name of the group which could be as simple as the last name of one of the group members and the day and time that your group is requesting to meet on zoom each week. 

If you would like to register as an individual and be placed in a group that is also an available option. 


Normally $397 per person

New Introductory Special $197* per person

*a minimum of four group members required for healthy fellowship and community dynamic.

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