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Hi Sweet Soul!

I'm Rachel, part sister-in-Christ,

part coach and part accountability


As a mother, I understand the stress of battling with daily distractions that keep pulling you away from what is best for your family, your health and  your life.  


God took me through quite a valley to show me it's only because of His ability, not my own, that I may feel complete.

Now I welcome the richness of His Grace to walk with me through every moment so I may be present for my family and truly enjoy a healthy, fruitful life as He designed. 

Since starting my coaching practice God has continuously revealed to me how to support fellow mothers experience His amazing grace through a ministry of faith-based health and life coaching in The Living Well. God doesn't call us to go alone on our walk with Him, He encourages us to support and encourage one another.  

The Living Well focuses on helping my fellow mother's restore their confidence in their body image, improve productivity, and increase their energy level. If you are ready to end the relentless struggle with weight loss, fatigue, and the growing "to-do" list,  I invite you to join The Living Well.

The Living Well mission is to provide a place for moms to nourish their body, strengthen their mindset and focus outward on expanding God's kingdom through one-on-one coaching and seasonal programs.  

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Have a beautiful, blessed Day! 

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