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I'm Rachel, 

I help my fellow mother cease striving for perfectionism so that she can experience productivity, confidence in her body and the freedom of resting in the presence of her family . 

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Through foundational virtual courses, a faith based group program, her authored "Morning Coffee with Jesus " Journal and one - on -one coaching, Rachel inspires mothers to build their intuition, consistently create nourishing habits,  manage stress , conserve energy and step confidently into her day and rest peacefully. 

Living Well to Live More

In service to mothers who desire a healthy lifestyle with the richness of God's grace. 

From a mess to

a ministry

After becoming a mother I experienced the profound stress of trying to manage the distractions that constantly competed for my attention while trying to make the best decisions for my family as well as my own personal life and health. 

While in the valley,  God showed me it's because of His ability, not my own, that I am complete (and so is the laundry list). 

Now I welcome the richness of His Grace to walk with me through every moment so I may be present for my family and truly enjoy Living Well.

Through the mess, God taught me how to support my fellow mother through a ministry of coaching. 

Written Inspirations from the Living Well Blog

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