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The Endless Summer Part III

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

A perfect romance between a girl and inner peace.

A Series of Short Stories_ Part Three


The Girl was flattered to be called beautiful, magnetized by the success of her personal hard work and determination and energized by the influence she made in the immediate world around her. It all was a moments thrill that seduced her.

Pouring her beauty into all that she claimed as her own, her home, her attire, her mirror, her children the dark, handsome imposter began feeling like a new familiar.

He encouraged The Girl to design her own days and plan her ways. He promised her self-confidence, personal success, beauty, health and wealth to dance around his world with him.

Pausing to remember that The Lover of her soul would protect her from making unwise decisions, she assumed with His silence, He approved of her “maturing away from her childish dependence of Him” as her new interest described.

But He was always there as He promised her and as He told her once before, she could not have two masters. As The Girl’s focus became the world and she loved the things of it, it dulled her senses, and she did not recognize His voice anymore.

As she continued on it was a euphoric sensation taking risks without consequence and not hearing His disapproval. Chasing daydreams consumed The Girl. Her new interest had an uncanny way of creating songs about his world that made her body want to move in a way that praised her new identity as his.

She was in the middle of spiritual affair. The dark, handsome imposter had convinced her it was a combination of her success and influence that he offered her that earned her the privilege to experience the thrill of living her way.

The more excuses she came up with to spend less time with Christ allowed the dark imposter to seduce her with his lies, limiting beliefs, self- doubt and overwhelming self-imposed standard’s. Chasing the thrill of her previous successes, travelling the world to experience temporary fulfilment, and enjoying materialism and vanity in her pockets, she chose to completely walk away from the true Lover of her soul knowing He would always forgive her.

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