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The Endless Summer Part II

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A perfect romance between a girl and inner peace.

A Series of Short Stories_ Part Two


The Girl remembers the moment a single glance corrupted the relationship with The Master of her heart and she became increasingly self- focused. It was a simple day He created for her, like all of the rest. But resounding compliments and pressures combined from her closest friends, family and those that didn’t believe in such romance persuaded her to express self-assertion and escape His plans for her.

“Make your own day Girl. Create your own purpose. Love yourself first. Perfection is a combination of strife and self -reliance, see my perfect world created by me? Your beautiful but I can make you gorgeous. I can make you money and you won’t have to rely on Him to make you happy. Come away with me and if you don’t like it, He seems to be the type to forgive you.”

She started rushing through her time with Him until she spent no time with Him at all. Knowing only the peace that surrounded her through His gift of The Endless Summer The Girl’s increasing absence from her first love leaves her vulnerable to the temptation of a passing stranger.

The Master of her heart knew of this imposter’s threat from since His courting. He was aware of his looming shadow when they walked fields of wildflowers together, aware of his hidden presence that stalked them when He would embrace her in the porch swing and melt away her worries before she knew she had them. Her first love and The Master of her heart knew The Endless Summer was a gift she soon would deny.

Although His unfailing love and faithfulness could never separate them, He knew A dark, handsome unfamiliarity would intrigue her and their relationship would change forever.

As much as The Master of her heart is Powerful, He is All Knowing and as He already knew, the day arrived when the pressures and compliments combined took her away.

Leaning into her ear He whispered tenderly, I know what is best for you, I give my life to you so that you may live and live abundantly. The peace I give to you surpasses all understanding my love.

But the amount of time she had spent away from Him had weaned her from His familiar voice and she did not hear His words.

Instead, the words of those she had spent her time with, remained in her head, “if you don’t like it He seems to be the type to forgive you. ”

So relying on her strength, she promised herself to return to her soul’s true desire and the master of her heart after taking but just one taste. But her one encounter with the dark, handsome imposter enticed her to stay.

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