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Group Faith Based Coaching

"Morning Coffee with Jesus"

Slow down sweet soul.  Find a quiet place to wrap your hands around a hot cup of coffee and come sit among fellow sister's-in-Christ. Each of us are different and so is our relationship with Him. Whether you have a deeply rich relationship with Christ or only desire one, this 5 minute morning practice I will guide you through will completely change your LIFE. That's what God does, after all... .



"Honestly, I didn't want it to end!!

8 weeks was perfect and my experience was amazing. It left me with wanting more which is wonderful. I felt connected with others and looked forward to every Monday!"

"Throughout the 8 weeks I felt so much PEACE within. It took my walk with Jesus deeper!! Rachel open doors within my walk of faith that left me whole. I have continued my Morning Coffee with Jesus because of the seeds that where placed. They where delicately placed with such a loving heart!!"

"I encourage everyone to grab your favorite morning mug and take this walk with Rachel and Jesus. It lifts you up and touches your heart."

Coffee Cups


"I am a very private person when it comes to my spiritual journey. So I was very hesitate because I knew I would need to open up and share. At no time did Rachel every make me feel like I had to share or contribute. Quite the opposite!! Her soft spoken nature made me feel so comfortable and I felt I was in a place that opened my heart and it was with ease that I would share. "

"Rachel has such a clear vision of what Jesus is calling her to do and it shines through her. The best part is Rachel doesn't stop after the 8 weeks she is your lifelong friend in Jesus!! She continues to check in and sprinkle more and more of Jesus's love."



"This walk with Morning Coffee with Jesus is for everyone no matter where you are in YOUR walk with Jesus."

Cup of Coffee
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