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Welcome to The Living Well ! 

This is a place for YOU to come and be nourished, encouraged, and to deepen your relationship with Christ.

We started by laying a strong Foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrate your smallest wins and your biggest achievements from our 3 week Foundations program ! Foundations is the door to a greater experience in The Living Well! You will use the simple Foundational Practices you've adopted over and over again during the next year in The Living Well. You have plenty of time to recommit and refine your foundational practices and I am committed to helping you achieve your goals the whole way. 

We continue building at The Living Well. 

A place to stay awhile. It's a place to nourish  your vessel , draw from encouragement and deepen your reliance and on Christ. Through seasonal programs exclusive to The Living Well members you have the opportunity to create community with fellow mom's who desire to live their healthiest lifestyle in the richness of God's grace. 

The Living Well  mission is to provide a place for moms to nourish their body, strengthen their mindset and focus outward on expanding God's kingdom. 

Review The Living Well terms and agreement .  Ask for any needed clarification . This is my commitment to you as much as your commitment to your own experience in The Living Well. You will receive a digital version to sign from "hellosign" to your email. Sign , date and submit!

Invest in your experience at The Living Well 

We are always learning, growing and moving forward . 

Share your intentions and goals for our first quarter  

Take full advantage of your membership! Schedule your first of 12 one - on- one coach calls! (see membership benefits for details)

Make sure to stay connected with the community in our virtual space on Facebook. The Living Well has an exclusive group for all members. 

I can't wait to get started !! If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me!

Welcome to The Living Well, 

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