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The Living Well
Virtual Bible Study

We aren't meant to go it alone !

We are to encourage one another along our journey!

1 Thessalonians 5:11

The Living Well Bible Study is offered throughout the year and

provides a relaxed atmosphere to meet with sister's in Christ for fellowship.

The Living Well Bible Study Introduction
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Walking In Our Promise Land

Growing From Our Wilderness Experience 

Scripture, The written inspiration of God, does not benefit us if we only read it. We must believe it and mix it into the fiber of our day for it to motivate us to respond to others, life events, daily troubles and His amazing grace and good favor in The Spirit . 

Do we , in good faith, mix His Living Word into our day?

Do we represent His Spirit in the way we respond to this world and the people in it? 2 Corinthians 5:20

Or do we know of the word but respond, habitually, from the flesh? Rebellious .

Committing to a deep loving relationship with our Father in Heaven, accepting His management over our life and being obedient to His word by resisting the flesh provides to us an inexplainable joy and pure contentment contagious and readily available to those we share Him with.

Let us encourage one another to Walk in Our Present Day Promise Land, our Purpose; expanding God’s Kingdom through sharing Him with another.

Our walk? It requires THREE Things

Faith in God, Acceptance of His Management Over Our Life & Obedience to His Word.


 “ I am the Lord your God (faith), who teaches  you what is best for you(acceptance), who directs you in the way you should go(Obedience).” Isaiah 48:17  

Join in Fellowship!

We meet on zoom each Monday! 

It's okay to miss a week, you won't feel left behind! 

Join The Living Well FB Community HERE to keep in touch about our weekly bible studies ! 

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