21 Day's

to a healthy Foundation

Registration Reopens Spring 2021

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Ready for a 21 day experience building a strong foundation that

supports  clarity of mind, a lighter body and increased energy?

Foundations invites you to welcome the principle of fasting from foods and activities that may be depleting your energy and distracting you from making consistent healthy choices a habit. 

Fasting is often thought of as a practice of withholding from something enjoyable or food for a certain period of time, and while that is true , Foundations will make  your "fast" an enjoyable and simple experience. 


Not only do we digest  the food we eat but the world around us. 

This is your time to filter what you are letting in from the world around you and enjoy the abundance of life giving nourishing cuisine, movement and a daily practice. 

If you have been feeling the time "squeeze" to get everything done, having a difficult time keeping a tidy home and enjoying play or quality time  with your children and family , you will LOVE how  "fasting" during these 21 day's building a healthy foundation. 

If you are fatigued , experience bloating, irritability, headaches and foggy brain and struggle with meeting your personal expectations, sweet soul, Foundations is designed for you .

 In week one you will begin recognizing the energy depleting activities that are distracting you  from a mindful presence with your children and family as well as uncover the messages your body has been giving you that say

"this food or habit isn't really working for us."


In your second week you will enjoy a full menu of high quality, energy giving  foods and activities.

In your third you will solidify healthy boundaries and a mindfulness practice to support your new healthy choices becoming your new habits. 



  • 3 - 25 min coaching sessions ($180 value) 

  • A three phase program with beautifully illustrated downloadable guides

  • Weekly Email's with step by step action steps

  • Continual Support and Accountability through email correspondence between your coaching sessions

  • A 7 Day Preparation Guide 

  • A 7 Day Guide to Fasting from distractions


  • A simple What to Eat Cleanse Supply List

  • Sample Detailed Schedule

  • Daily Checklist

  • Sample Meal Plan


  • FAST– Friendly Recipes  

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