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A Series of Short Stories_ Part IV

A perfect romance between a girl and inner peace.


With silver strands now framing her face she feels held captive by the affair she had with the world of anxiety, the world of perfectionism, the world of pressure and of vanity.

Ashamed to return to Christ until she can dress herself in worthiness, The Girl grows older and her heart only further from the once sweet tenderness she had known. Her spirit, suppressed by a tumultuous relationship, begins yearning for the return of a Perfect Romance.

She craves the inner peace and sweet tenderness once poured into her by the True Lover of her soul. She longs for Him, who is always faithful despite her rebellious heart, whose strength is gentle with her vulnerability and whose power is demonstrated in making all she does, prosper.

Despite all of the places she had experienced, all of the people who had become her friends, the wealth that afforded her luxuries and comforts, the home she retreats to for an evening soak in the tub, the dark handsome imposter that once enticed her to bid her life on this life alone, left her with an insatiable hunger, an indescribable void and an unending restlessness.

Seeking to satisfy her craving for inner peace and feeling unworthy to return to Christ she recommits to her adulterous affair that corrupted her hearts true desire once before and The Girl begins obsessing over erecting a new idol in hopes that it will free her from the unnamed void that is causing her spiritual unrest.

But the dark handsome prince of lies that once coveted her relationship with Christ has long moved on from her. He had used her and got from her what he wanted. He took her spirit captive by her own choosing and distracted her from hearing the call from her first Love. He is uninterested in her, He cares nothing of her wellbeing nor the condition of her spirit so as long as he is her master, and she continually pursues his world.

The Girl no longer finds the unfamiliar enticing, she finds no thrill in a second taste of what was forbidden of her during the days of The Endless Summer. The dark handsome imposter is exposed. The Girl sees for the first time his aggressive dominance in their conversations, his vehement disapproval of her relationships with individuals that do not admire him and his attraction to immorality that he has scorned her hesitation to accept. After years of carrying his heavy yoke, she feels the poverty of her soul. The Girl commits to leaving her affair with the dark, handsome imposter.

Part V The Confession

Available 7.2.22

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