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from a mess to a ministry

serving moms as an accredited Health & Life Coach

My Story

I am so thankful for my new found energy,  health, and confidence as well as my relationship with my husband and ability to be present  for my son, Kelly.


My life once looked and felt drastically different though.


It took me a decade to listen to my body’s intuition and eat and move for energy rather than to look a certain way. 

I was at, what I thought, my peak health after a decade of feeling less than great – bloated- fatigued – carrying self image issues --- Then I had Kel! Hello Motherhood !!

After I had Kelly I found it impossible to show up the same way I had for myself… by myself…

I found it difficult to maintain my personal health and give my energy to my career in the same way as I had before.  

It took a lot of surrendering, over and over again before I truly let go of the energy depleting mindset that my worth was tied to my level of productivity and ability to get things done a certain way .


I was distracted by the endless list of things I needed to get done around the house, exhausted by trying to provide the best meals, while continuing to workout , something I suddenly didn’t enjoy anymore.


I was staying up late, well into the early morning hours. I was drinking caffeine to stay awake in the 3 o’clock hour every day and hardly able to be joyfully present for my husband and son, the two I was running so hard for.  


In all of my best effort to be the best mom, best wife, homemaker, a valued therapist to patients in the PT clinic and still make healthy choices in the way I ate and exercised , I couldn’t keep up with my expectations anymore .

The mental , physical and emotional stress resulted in me pursuing a lifestyle that was healthy not only for my own well being but one that allowed me to be the best version of me for my family. 

I had many moments like the one when my husband told me, Rachel, just sit with Kelly and watch his cartoon with him, he just wants your presence, but I couldn’t sit still without feeling anxious.

I couldn’t sit still in the presence of my son as my mind kept wandering off to my “to-do” list. I often didn’t hear my husband in our conversations either because I wasn’t mindfully present.

I was sacrificing what God gave me in order to serve Him for the external validation of my worth.


Through coaching I learned that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. It wasn't only my self-care that was undernourished, it was my relationships, finances, spiritual connection, and career .


After restoring my spiritual foundation, returning to enjoyable physical activity, a way of eating that was nourishing and personally witnessing the power of coaching, I became an accredited coach to serve fellow mothers who desire to let go of their best effort in exchange for the best God envisions for them  and their family. 

Coaching is a place where I get to spend undivided intentional time with my fellow mothers to come up with a very unique plan we co-create together to start taking consistent action steps towards their healthiest life so they can cease striving for perfectionism and experience productivity, confidence in their body and the freedom of resting in the presence of their family . 

There isn't for me a more purposeful place to be in that allows me to help you have a healthy lifestyle in the richness of God's grace!

I look forward to connecting!​

- Rachel

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